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Ischia Bhuptani, a Paralegal in our Real Estate team, explores the nascent concept of ESG and its impact on real estate investments.
Ischia Bhuptani
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Misha Mayet, a Paralegal in our Residential Real Estate team, considers the changing property trends during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Misha Mayet
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COVID-19 - even your contracts may be frustrated! We look at how COVID-19 may affect your commercial contracts
Michael Hatchwell
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Denise Baugh Reviews Budget 2021 – Personal Taxes
Denise Baugh
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Chloe Devall-Douglas discusses the effect of the 2021 Budget announcement on the Residential Property Market
Chloe Devall-Douglas
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Mamuna Farooq writes 'New Year, New Taxes?' in Economic Focus Arab-British Chamber of Commerce Magazine
Mamuna Farooq
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We are pleased to welcome back Shahrzad Atai as an International Partner at Child & Child. If you are an international investor in the UK, or you have any UK business/property or family interests, please do contact her for your legal enquiries, she would love to hear from you! (ShahrzadAtai@childandchild.co.uk;
Shahrzad Atai
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Our Italian Desk is expanding! In addition to commercial and residential property matters, we now also advise Italian clients in respect of immigration, corporate, commercial and family law. Read more in our Italian Desk brochure PDF
Francesca Griffiths
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