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Relationships break down, families have issues, and we understand this can lead to trauma and stress. The law shouldn’t make matters worse. That’s when you need to make the right decisions and speak to someone you can trust.

Someone who knows family law inside out and who appreciates the emotional, personal and financial aspects involved when couples separate. Someone who understands how to resolve matters creatively and commercially. One of our solicitors will be by your side, drawing on their expertise in dealing with complex assets, cross-border issues and high net worth individuals. They’ll guide you through that process. We can call on a network of specialists who can offer additional expert advice when needed and provide solutions that work for everyone in a variety of areas:

Divorce & Separation

When you’re having difficulties in your relationship or it’s coming to an end, it’s hard to know what to do next. Whatever your needs, our specialist team will give you clear, honest advice and support based on your specific circumstances. From identifying evidence that the marriage has broken down irretrievably, to advising on issues around finances and children.

Financial Arrangements on Divorce

A divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership can be stressful. This is particularly true when dealing with the finances. One of our  expert family solicitors will be by your side every step of the way acting diligently and sensitively to reach the best possible outcome for you. We have expertise in  dealing with complex international divorces across different jurisdictions and offering pragmatic advice on everything from asset preservation and protection, family businesses and offshore assets, property portfolios and liabilities to income and pensions.

Financial Arrangements for unmarried couples

If you’re living with someone, but not married to them and your relationship breaks down, dealing with the finances can be complex and daunting. You need a trusted advisor who knows their way through the complex laws covering unmarried couples. Someone with experience of advising couples in your situation. We’ll guide you through the whole process, offering practical, sensitive advice on issues ranging from land and property to applying for financial relief on behalf of any children. All to achieve the best outcome for everyone.


If you’re going through a separation, issues relating to your children are a highly emotive and a sensitive issue.  We will support you in resolving issues such as where your children live, contact arrangements and financial provision. Our specialist family team understand how it can affect both you and your children. We’ll offer you empathetic, constructive support on all relevant issues. From co-parenting arrangements to suit everyone, to applying for leave to remove if you or your ex-partner want to relocate with the children. If needed, we can bring in a network of other specialists, such as counsellors, family therapists and psychiatrists. We’ll always work towards an agreement that’s focused and in your children’s best interests.

Domestic violence

From physical violence, threats and sexual violence, to emotional abuse, psychological abuse, harassment and coercive control, we take all forms of domestic violence seriously. We also know how seriously these kinds of allegations can affect you. Whether you make allegations against someone else, or someone makes allegations against you. Either way, we’ll give you the sensitive and practical expert support you need.

Pre- and Post-nuptial agreements

When you’re getting married, we understand you don’t want to think about divorce or the financial implications that follow. Pre- and post-nuptial agreements can give you additional peace of mind.

We’re highly experienced in advising on the validity of international pre and post-nuptial agreements in England and Wales. You can have assets in the UK, or around the world, in trusts or as part of a business whether in your name or jointly with others. So, whatever your situation, we’ll give you clear advice on the potential claims from your spouse in the event of a separation. Equally, we can give advice on using agreements to protect and preserve financial assets,  what you pass on to your children or may inherit from your family. It’s a useful way to save potential stress, legal fees and bitter disputes in the future.​

Cohabitation agreements

If you’re not married, but living together, you don’t have the same rights as a married couple. So, if you’re thinking of living together, or your relationship is breaking down after living together, it’s important you have the best legal advice on the implications. From cohabitation agreements to declarations of trust if you own or are looking to buy a property, our specialist team can help.

Disputes between families on death

Disputes after a loved one or family member has died can be incredibly stressful and complex. You need someone used to dealing with these sensitive cases who can act quickly to meet any time limits. Someone with experience of both supporting claims for inheritance from someone who lived in England and Wales and defending executors and beneficiary against claims. We can give you full support and honest advice about the possibilities. Our team of experts in Child & Child’s private wealth team can also help you to prepare a will to prevent any future disputes.

The best advice at the worst of times

Family life can be stressful. And when those issues come to a head, you need guidance. Support. Understanding. Our solicitors and specialists will be there for you when a family member can’t.

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