Right of First Refusal

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 (‘the 1987 Act’) (as amended) establishes a right of ‘first refusal’ for leasehold flat owners in certain circumstances where the landlord intends to sell the freehold. We have experience in acting for landlords wishing to dispose of their freeholds and tenants’ wishing to accept their landlord’s proposal to buy the freehold (whether this be at auction or the acquisition at a fixed price). It is very important that, when disposing of a freehold, the provisions of the 1987 Act are not overlooked. Landlords falling foul of the provisions of the 1987 Act can face criminal prosecution. For leaseholders, this is often a cost effective way of acquiring the freehold; providing the premium proposed by the landlord is in accordance with the tenants’ valuer’s recommendations.

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