Sponsor Licences

Since the introduction of the Points Bases System in 2008 the Home Office have passed on the responsibility of monitoring migrants to prospective employers or sponsors.

A sponsor be it a Tier 2 sponsor (Employer) or a Tier 4 Sponsor (Educational establishment) needs to satisfy the UKVI that they are a genuine establishment and have the necessary procedures and processes in place to sponsor and monitor migrants workers and students.

Tier 2 intra company licences are licences granted by the Home Office to employers with branches inside the UK as well as elsewhere in the world.

The 2 licence enables the employer to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship to new employees or existing employees of their worldwide operations to come and work in the UK.

The Tier 4 licence enables educational establishments to issue a Certificate of Acceptance of Studies for students to come to the UK to study their courses.

Child and Child can assist with licensing applications ensuring that the employer or educational establishment have the processes in place.

Child and Child will conduct a complete audit of HR procedures to ensure initial compliance as well as ongoing compliance.

Licences are granted for a four year period after which they can be renewed.

Tier 4 Sponsors are required to apply for Highly Trusted Status after a period of 12 months and must maintain that rating to continue to sponsor new students.

The UKVI may visit and carry out a compliance audit prior to the grant of the licence. If they do not, they inevitably will carry out a compliance visit at some point during the course of the licence and may suspend or revoke the licence if they are not satisfied with the processes in place.

Child and Child have assisted numerous Tier 4 and Tier 2 licence holders who have had their licences suspended or revoked and managed to get them reinstated.