When your relationship is in difficulty it is hard to know which way to turn and to understand the options available to you. Some people come to see us to understand what options are available should they choose to take the next step and formally separate. Others have already made that difficult decision. Every individual is different and our specialist team are on hand to advise and support you through every stage of the difficult journey you are facing at whatever stage you are at.


Once you have made the decision to separate, you do not have to do anything to give any legal effect to your separation. However, this can make resolving any financial issues problematic, as absent any agreement between the parties, the courts will not have jurisdiction to assist you.

If you do not wish to formalise your separation with a divorce, but wish to reach an agreement with your partner in respect of your financial affairs, we can assist you through the financial disclosure exercise, advise on settlement terms, and help you enter into a Separation Agreement tailored to your very personal circumstances. Separation Agreements can help you regulate and finalise your financial affairs in a legally binding document (but subject to the sanction of the court if later utilised in subsequent divorce proceedings).

Separation need not inevitably lead to divorce. We are here to tell you what your options are and, sometimes, point you in the way of people who can help you reconcile. Alternatively, we will help you separate with dignity, and without acrimony where possible.


If you have reached the conclusion that your marriage is at an end, we can help you through the divorce procedure, find the right process for you and provide pragmatic and sensible advice on all the implications of divorce from the division of assets, ongoing maintenance, and arrangements concerning your children where appropriate.

We aim to help you divorce or separate with dignity, to retain amicable relations with your partner, and to keep any hostility to a minimum. However, we recognise that some cases are bound to be contentious, and we are accomplished litigators who can appropriately balance a firm yet delicate and discrete approach tailored to your specific set of circumstances.