Experiencing a relationship breakdown or family problem is traumatic and stressful. In addition to the emotional stress, it is rarely straightforward. The legal procedures and various asset structures can seem complicated and confusing. Difficult and emotional decisions need to be made at a time when many can feel vulnerable, or at a loss to know how to resolve the issues in front of them so as best to protect themselves and their family. Our family team can help you identify the issues and advise on how best to achieve a fair outcome both in terms of financial settlements and future arrangements for you and your children.

We recognise that there is rarely only one solution to any problem and we work with you to establish the right outcome for you. We provide an extremely personal service and ensure that you are fully supported, informed and advised at every stage.

We are honest in our advice and pragmatic in our approach. We look to resolve matters creatively and commercially and have vast experience in dealing with complex and high net worth assets and individuals.  When appropriate, and when it is in the client’s best interest to do so, we will involve other professionals such as counsellors, accountants, actuaries and barristers (among others). We have a wide network of such professionals all of whom are competent and highly regarded in their field.

Our services include:

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