Rights of light injunction

An injunction to protect a property owner’s rights of light. This might be to stop a neighbouring property owner from carrying out works that reduce the level of light enjoyed by their own property or even to require a developer to remove part or all of a building that has been erected in breach of an owner’s rights of light.

Most rights of light disputes can be resolved without the need for a rights of light injunction to be obtained.  However you should seek the advice of an experienced rights of light solicitor at the earliest opportunity if you believe your rights of light might have been infringed or if you are a developer faced with a rights of light injunction application that you believe is unfounded.

Child & Child have a number of specialist rights of light solicitors with wide experience of court proceedings involving rights of light disputes, from numerous trials of domestic and commercial rights of light disputes in the county court to complex cases involving trials in the Chancery Division of the High Court and appeals to the Court of Appeal.

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