Rights of way

A right to pass over another property owner’s land.

Rights of way can be obtained in a number of ways and can also be lost or restricted in some circumstances.

A right of way might be either public (i.e. a right for the public at large) or private (i.e. a right for a certain individual or individuals). 

Rights of way disputes can arise when a person’s rights of way are denied or obstructed in some way or when a person asserts rights of way that they do not in fact have. In such cases it advisable to consult with an experienced rights of way solicitor to ensure your rights are protected in the most cost effective way possible.

Child & Child have a number of specialist rights of way solicitors with wide experience of court proceedings involving rights of way disputes, from numerous trials of domestic and commercial rights of way disputes in the county court to complex cases involving trials in the Chancery Division of the High Court and appeals to the Court of Appeal.

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