Party Wall etc. Act 1996 the Act

An act of parliament dealing with party walls and other associated matters.

The Act can be viewed online here:

The Act provides a framework for carrying out party wall works in a structured and collaborative way. Party wall surveyors are normally appointed to assist with the administration of the processes set out in the Act.

The Act provides a dispute resolution mechanism to avoid the need for disagreements over party wall works to escalate to court proceedings and, on the whole, this is very successful and the vast majority of party wall matters are dealt with without the need for legal intervention.

In the rare cases when legal involvement is needed it is important to consult an experienced party wall solicitor who knows the Act and is familiar with its procedures and the legal authorities that relate to the Act.

Child & Child have a number of specialist party wall solicitors with wide experience of court proceedings involving party wall disputes, from numerous trials of domestic and commercial party wall disputes in the county court to complex cases involving trials in the Chancery Division of the High Court and appeals to the Court of Appeal.  

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