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Enter within 30 days - Time is on the essence

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Biometric Residence Permits have been in use for some time now for applicant’s making applications for leave to remain in the UK. Applicant’s applying for entry clearance, have usually been issued a visa for the duration of their stay in the UK with an endorsement in their passports.

EU Regulation EC1030/2002 as amended by EC 380/2008, requires that all Member States granting leave to enter to migrants from outside the EEA for 6 months or more, must issue BRPs as the sole form of evidence of the leave being granted.

Visa stamps in passports will no longer be used as evidence of the migrant’s permission to stay in the UK.

Guidance issued today by UKVI confirms what is required pre-application and what is to be done once the visa is granted;

  • Provide contact details of address in UK when making initial application
  • Provide intended date of travel to the UK
  • A visa will be granted for a 30 day period commencing from the intended date of travel
  • The applicant must travel within those 30 days
  • Once in the UK the applicant must collect their BRP from their local post office within 10 days. The approval letter will confirm the address of the post office (which is identified by the post code given pre application) along with a date of when the BRP will be available for collection from.
  • The applicant may commence work in the UK immediately on arrival, by presenting their short stay visa label to their employer, if it is still valid. The applicant will then need to obtain the BRP within 10 days and also present this to his employer in addition.

We have a number of client’s that take the time to wind down affairs before entering the UK for the term of their visa. This requirement will now make it imperative that they be ready to travel to obtain their BRP as soon as the visa is granted or alternatively ensure that they put the date of intended travel when they are ready to actually travel.

To access the Home office guidance notes dated March 2015 click here.

For further information contact: Jahangir Moghal  and Qunmber Ehsan