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China - Tier 1 Investor Visa

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Playing the numbers' game alone, China remains the market to be in for immigration lawyers, wealth managers, tax advisors. The number of Chinese nationals who were granted Tier Investor Visas doubled last year and was almost twice the number of Russians who entered the UK via the same route.

UK government date showed that 357 Tier 1 investor visas were issued to Chinese nationals in the year to September 2014 which accounted for 43% of all investor visas.

There appears to be a flurry of flights from the UK to Mainland China full of industry specific companies embarking upon Visa road shows . Our experience and those of similar professionals in our circle has shown that these are actually of limited benefit and not often a good use of time, money and effort. Whilst we would not rule out a trip overseas, which tends to be much more effective when dealing one on one with a potential client, we have found that targeted links with law firms, accountants and fiduciaries , particularly in Hong Kong produce actual instructions rather than a series of lunches which ultimately lead nowhere.

We are very active in assisting Chinese clients and having in -house Chinese lawyers, as we do, is a huge advantage. Given that the number of Investor Visas granted to Chinese nationals is likely to pass 500 this year, this remains an active market for us.

For further information contact: Qunmber Ehsan and Jahangir Moghal .