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Changes to UK Visitor Visas

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In a positive move, UKVI are simplifying the 15 routes currently available for entry as a visitor down to 4 new routes. These will now be as follows and take effect in late April of this year:

  • Standard visitor;
  • Visitor for marriage or civil partnership;
  • Visitor for permitted paid engagements; and
  • Transit visitor.

Permitted activities are being expanded and will now allow:

  • visitors to carry out incidental unpaid volunteering for up to 30 days at a UK registered charity;
  • overseas trainers to deliver training to UK based employees of a multinational company in certain circumstances;
  • UK based organisations, which are not corporate entities, to provide training to overseas visitors on work practices and techniques that are needed for their employment overseas, where this is not readily available in their home country; and
  • overseas lawyers to advise a UK client on international transactions and litigation, provided they remain paid and employed overseas.

The previous student visitor categories will no longer be available and will instead be rebranded as short-term study routes.

There will also be an extensive list of activities which visitors will not be able to do, such as take up employment, running a business etc. ( although these were already generally prohibited previously)

Once UKVI provide detailed guidance, we shall be advising our clients, particularly business visitors , on how this will affect them. This will be an important consideration for many of our clients who may wish to consider the Tier 1 Investor/Entrepreneur routes for ease, long-term benefit and practicality.