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Covid-19: Child Contact Arrangements

The past 7 months have been incredibly difficult for many, and most people are still trying to adjust to ‘the new normal’, however, for those families that share child arrangements, there have been added difficulties and obstacles.

Concerns about how to self-isolate, worries about family members health or working out travel restrictions have all had to be navigated carefully and more so, when children are moving between households. It is safe to say that back in March when the UK and many other countries initially went in to lock down, many hoped that we would no longer be affected by these measures.

As has remained the case since March, it is vital that we all follow the government guidelines around visiting friends and family and minimising unnecessary travel, but this has resulted in many parents are facing additional hurdles when trying to see their child(ren).

It is of course important for parents to make sensible choices and always to have their child(ren)’s best interest in mind. Although contact arrangements for children  may not be possible to continue as they did prior to Covid19, parents should do all they can to maintain some form of continuity with as little disturbance to the child(ren)’s routines, whilst also familiarising themselves with their local guidance around travel, socialising, bubbles and support bubbles, doing all they can to abide by these rules.

Many parents have taken advantage of the ability to use Facetime, Skype or other video calling services in order to see their child(ren) and although not a replacement for in person contact, it does allow parents some form of social interaction when the children are not in their care.

We urge clients to make sensible choices at this time and to follow their respective governments travel guidelines but to also keep in mind what is in their children’s best interests and try and minimise change to contact arrangements where possible. That said, the health and welfare of the children should always be the first consideration.

For those parents that are having difficulties seeing their children, due to the other parent disagreeing with whether or how contact should take place, it may be necessary to seek legal advice.

If you have any questions on the above or feel that you could benefit from our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Child & Child’s family team is here to help. Please contact ninalake@childandchild.co.uk in the first instance.

Posted By Nina Lake & Josh Steeples

26 October 2020

Nina Lake & Josh Steeples
Partner & Trainee