Tier 1 Investor

The Tier 1 Investor programme is aimed at High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and affluent families looking to relocate to the UK.

Families are offered a visa with a route to settlement and nationality if they invest a minimum of £2 million in qualifying investments.

Qualifying investments are defined as UK Government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK registered companies.

It is intended to be a passive investment and the applicant is not expected to work in the UK, although they are permitted to do so. Since they are not expected to work in the UK there is no English language requirement when applying for entry clearance.

The basic requirements are that;

  • the applicant has access to at least £2 million
  • they can confirm the source or providence of funds
  • the funds are transferable to the UK

The applicant must invest the funds within 90 days of their arrival and maintain the investment for a period of five years after which the applicant and his family may apply for indefinite leave to remain or permanent residence.

In addition to maintaining the investments the applicant will have to show that they have been in the UK for at least 180 days per 12 month period in the five years leading up to permanent residency and have completed an English language test and the Life in the UK test.

This process can be fast tracked to 3 years if the applicant invests £5 million or 2 years if the applicant invests £10 million.

The applicant may apply for a British passport after spending six years in the UK. In order to apply for British nationality the applicant must ensure that they have spent no more than 90 days in the last twelve months outside the UK and no more than 540 days outside the UK over the entire six year period.

Child and Child has a strong track record of acting for High Net Worth Individuals and will always seek to provide a smooth, professional and practical service.